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Saturday, MARCH 2nd, 2024

Do you have broken stuff around your house? Don't throw it away. Bring it to our Repair Cafe and learn to repair it. We have experts to fix almost anything. And it's free!


Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Palliser Pavilion, Kinetic Exhibition Park, 

1700 17 Ave SE, Swift Current, SK Canada

Free Admission.  Donations Encouraged.


Electronics - digital clocks, battery chargers, headphones, cd players  

Small electric appliances - toasters, coffee makers, hair dryers, blenders  

Clothes - missing buttons, holes or tears  

Knit items - sweaters, socks, scarves

Furniture - small tables or chairs, shelves, jewellery boxes  

Jewellery - necklaces, rings

Toys - wood or plastic  

Stuffies - animals, dolls

Kites - single line or dual line

Bicycles and tricycles  

Computers and technology  

Small engines - lawnmowers, scooters, snow blowers  

House plants - bug infestations, soil issues  

Ceramics and pottery - platters, tea cups  

Clocks and watches

Books and paper - hardcover and soft cover books, documents  

Small household machines - sewing machines, microwaves, lamps

Musical instruments


Volunteer repair experts will be available to repair items, free of charge. Learn from the experts while you watch and participate in the repair. 

Please note:


At the Repair Café, our dedicated experts generously volunteer their time to assist attendees, ensuring a cost-free experience for all participants.

It's important to note that beyond the event, our Repair Café volunteers do not offer complimentary repair services, and such expectations should not arise. If you encounter a Repair Café volunteer outside of the event, we encourage you to express gratitude for their volunteer efforts, rather than approaching them with requests for free repairs. Our volunteers' commitment to the event is truly appreciated, and we want to maintain a positive and respectful interaction with them at all times.

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